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The Medicus Group Weighs Causes, Solutions of Female Dentist Burnout

The Medicus Group Weighs Causes, Solutions of Female Dentist Burnout

The burnout rate among female dentists is alarmingly high. In a new statement to the press, The Medicus Group lists the reasons why—and, offers some solutions for improved work-life balance.

Burnout exists throughout the American workplace, but it impacts some professions more than others. Among female dentists, burnout rates are alarmingly high. The reasons for this are several; female dentists face unique challenges in juggling the demands of their practice, the needs of their families, and various financial obligations. In a new statement to the press, The Medicus Group—a specialty financial advisory firm offering services to high-earning doctors and dentists—considers both the causes and potential solutions of female dentist burnout.

“Dentistry is a field with an especially high burnout rate, and it’s most acute among women,” comments The Medicus Group. “It’s not uncommon for women in the dentistry profession to struggle with insomnia, depression, anxiety, and more.”

Statistics show that female dentists in the United States tend to be younger than their male colleagues; they are also less likely to own their own practices. What’s more, female dentists are more likely than men to have to balance the demands of family life; for example, dentists who also happen to be moms have their working hours significantly cut, usually by one full day per week. This leads to far less time to attend to professional development and financial preparation.

“Women who face burnout may feel like they have limited options,” comments The Medicus Group. “In fact, it may seem like the only real solution is to exit dentistry altogether. The good news is, there are other options that allow women to manage their burnout without quitting their chosen profession.”

One such solution is to pursue membership in local, state, or national professional groups, including both dentistry associations and groups of female entrepreneurs. Not only can this provide support, but it can also enhance professional image and status—and in turn, boost confidence.

An additional solution is to practice saying no. “It’s easier said than done, but turning down certain invitations or opportunities, to preserve your own mental health and physical stamina, is vital,” says The Medicus Group.

A final suggestion from The Medicus Group? Enlist help in long-term financial planning. “A major source of stress and fatigue is the worry that you’re not adequately protecting your practice, managing debt and other obligations, or providing for your family’s future,” The Medicus Group comments. “Yet those concerns can be addressed through proactive financial planning and guidance from professionals who understand your industry.”

The Medicus Group provides advisory services to dentists who wish to better understand their own financial trajectory, through investment, savings, insurance, and beyond.

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Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and serving clients nationwide, The Medicus Group is a financial planning firm that caters to high-earning medical and dental professionals.  The firm specializes in assessing existing financial vehicles and products to guarantee proper coverage and offer recommendations where appropriate to drive client financial success.  Additionally, the firm can assist with the development of enterprise-level business solutions for medical groups and organizations of all sizes, institute recruitment and retention strategies, create tactics and roadmaps for exit and key-man planning, implement employee benefit plans, and assist in the securing of lending. 

For more information about The Medicus Group, visit www.mymedicusgroup.com or call (980) 235-7885.

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