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Just Fur Fun Fitness Project By Debbie Fehr Is Seeking Crowdfunding On Indiegogo

Just Fur Fun Fitness Project By Debbie Fehr Is Seeking Crowdfunding On Indiegogo

Debbie Fehr announces campaign on Indiegogo for Just Fur Fun Fitness project.

Debbie Fehr, the healthcare industry professional with over three decades of experience in the industry, takes to Indiegogo to fund her Just Fur Fun Fitness project. The indoor, climate controlled facilities offers a great chance to improve health, wellness and fitness.

“The Just Fur Fun Fitness is a business that uniquely blends human and pet health,” says the founder of the company. “We promote a fun way to walk your way to better health. With most physicians suggesting walking as an integral part of any routine exercise plan, this concept provides fitness enthusiasts the best possible opportunity to achieve their health and wellness goals.”

In 2017, US citizens are spending more than $296 billion towards diabetes, heart disease, obesity care and other similar health issues. There is an urgent need to alter the current lifestyle and this can be achieved by including a routine exercise plan that includes walking.

Just Fur Fun Fitness offers a solution to the problems that general public generally encounter while they try to exercise in a gym, on a treadmill, or outdoors. It is a creative, left-brain, outside-the-box idea that has now grown into a Woman’s Small Business Corporation.

Debbie Fehr has received an exclusive US Patent and Trademark protection award late in 2016 for the project.  This gives them the opportunity to license or grow facilities in cities across the USA.  They are in a position to help others understand the importance of a walking exercise routine. They can help people set realistic walking exercise goals.

Debbie Fehr, through her Just Fur Fun Fitness project is ensuring that humans and pets are brought together in the walking routine to ensure that the process promotes socialization and fun. Members are free to bring their dogs into the Just Fun Fur Fitness exercise facilities without having to pay any additional costs.  Those who have dogs as pets will find this extremely convenient as their dogs too can receive their much needed exercise in a very convenient manner.

Just Fur Fun Fitness is currently a zero-debt business. Debbie and her family have invested $100K to fund this business foundation and to cover areas like patent, trademark, copyright attorney fees and towards incorporating filing and corporate documentation.

The company will be rebuilding communities with their facility activities. They will also be leasing a large building covering 25,000 square feet to house their 1/8 mile, 8-lane oval track. They need funding to cover the operational costs for the first year.

Debbie and her team are hoping to achieve their financial goal of $2,000,000 through the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The funds will be used to pay towards property lease, build-out construction, utilities, property insurance, licensing, staffing across two shifts, maintenance services and retail and concession stocking for the first year of business. The deadline for raising the fund is one month away.

About Just Fur Fun Fitness:

Just Fur Fun Fitness is a project by Debbie Fehr and her team. It offers a fun way of walking to better health and also incorporates your pet dog into the exercise routine. Members can experience improved health, wellness and fitness in their well-planned and climate controlled indoor facilities.


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